We’re looking for our first entrepreneur in residence!

Our objective at The StartupKitchen is simple. It’s to help other Founders, often first time entrepreneurs from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. Our organisation was founded and funded by experienced entrepreneurs to help other entrepreneurs and the charity has gone from strength to strength over the last few years.

The founders Chris Bowden, Jason Goodman and new mentor in residence Craig Cesman have been lucky to have started and built a number of businesses and are very happy to share knowledge and help others who want to do the same. At Startup Kitchen we seek out and are lucky to find brilliant men & women who have an idea, the right enquiring attitude and the talent to start a business. But they lack the network, resources and connections to help them get their idea up and running. We measure success by seeing other entrepreneurs getting their businesses launched, hiring people and creating happy customers. Whilst we’ve had some success we’ve also made plenty of mistakes and are happy to share all this. We are joined each month by a long list of other proven entrepreneurs/mentors (Saul and Alex Klein, Niklas Zennstrom, Richard Reed amongst many more) who are all happy to share some of their own tips and tricks. We meet and mentor at the StartupKitchen month in and month out and have done this since 2014. We all love it. It’s satisfying to meet and help other Founders who are on the way up, particularly if they come from tough backgrounds. We’ve also grown a fantastic and supportive network of partners which provide additional opportunities for young entrepreneurs to connect with the wider tech and startup eco-system.

We’ve created an exciting new opportunity for an up and coming founder at the StartupKitchen. The role will offer one ambitious start-up founder the chance to become the Startup Kitchen’s first Entrepreneur In Residence. This is a role which will allow them to build their own business with the support and network of our Chief Mentors whilst also helping to run TheStartupKitchen monthly mentoring session. It’s a 12 month brief and its perfect for a founder who is very early in their new business. We all know this early point where you still need to keep money coming in via other jobs. One of these jobs could be this one.

So what will an EIR at the StartupKitchen actually do?

Our candidate will be a passionate startup founder in the early stages of their business and you would ideally have a minimum viable product. We’re not here to tell you what to do, so we’re looking for a self-starter, someone who is used to juggling numerous responsibilities in order to get their business off the ground.

Your primary responsibility will be to run the monthly mentoring session and to do this we are asking for you to work one day a week which you will fit around building your own start up and as EIR. You will represent The StartupKitchen and everything we are trying to do, building on the fantastic platform and infrastructure already in place.

You will have the opportunity to network widely with other mentors and business leaders so we’re looking for a great communicator who wants to help others like themselves learn how to build their business. Many of the skills needed to be EIR of the Start up Kitchen will be directly transferable to your start up including finding talent (other mentees) leading on communications and social media, organizing the monthly mentoring sessions and managing partnerships.

In return, the chief mentors will work with you on a monthly basis to help you develop and grow your business by providing advice and mentoring and introductions to our extensive network. We’ll also support you with £1,000 per month to help cover some of your costs and support you in raising money for your start up. The cash will hopefully be useful but we think the mentoring support from the three of us will probably prove even more valuable.

If you’re interested in the opportunity then please send a one page statement by Wednesday 17th May to Fay.Cannings@albion.co summarising an overview of you and your business and why you think you would make a great StartupKitchen Entrepreneur in Residence.


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