The Proptar Voice! Amos Eretusi talks to us about how Proptar is a platform for young voices to be heard…and why you can always choose your own pathway…

It was brilliant to meet Amos Eretusi the Founder of Proptar when he attended our May SUK session earlier this year at Pop Brixton. I was really interested to learn more about Proptar’s vision and the tangible work they are do to help solve two important problems (or  provide two important opportunities!),  exposing young people to positive role models and learning opportunities in the creative sectors and providing tangible opportunities for young talent to advance their careers. Through hosting and running events, workshop and masterclasses they provide the chance for young people to gain access to the individuals, knowledge and inspiration they they need to get on the right learning path or gain vital transferrable skills in the creative industries and beyond. As talent management agents too they also get spot and nurture talent, through their relevant network in music and entertainment – there may even be a record deal to be made!

Find out more about Amos’ own journey and why its important to be part of the solution…..

Can you summarise your career journey to date? Tell us about Proptar!

 As a social enterprise and talent management company – which from my experience, isn’t common – Proptar provides a platform for creatives to showcase their talent to a wider audience. The social enterprise focuses on bringing the creative industry into the school environment by giving students an insight on the creative industry – Music to be exact – whilst also running social impact events that bring exclusive professionals to the community to share their experience and offer work opportunities. Under talent management, we focus on working with talented creatives, developing and harnessing their skills and traits, so they can make a career out of their talents. Currently we focus on talents within the music industry – which has seen us do UK tours with award winning international artists and 
My journey with Proptar has been difficult but also memorable so far through the experiences I’ve had. 
Everything we’ve done from working with talented artists and big brands, to delivering masterclasses in organisations and schools has been self-taught. It hasn’t been a case that we haven’t seeked support, as my team and I have; but sometimes “when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade”. Also, with youth unemployment rising, the notion of being your own boss hasn’t resonated well within my community, so accomplishing that alone has been tough – which is an issue Proptar tries to tackle. Being willing to make mistakes in order to learn and grow, as a business and as an individual, has been crucial in my ‘rollercoaster’ journey as an entrepreneur. On the other hand, working collectively with people who have a great mindset and the same vision as myself, has made my journey an amazing experience.
What advice has and support has been vital along the way?
SUK has been amazing in their support of Proptar, with help in regards to financial forecasting and understanding the key selling points of our business. They’ve provided some great networks and surrounded us with like minded individual on similar pathways to us, which makes it easier to relate. Coming from my community, having such support is scarce and to receive that from SUK is an amazing advantage.
Have you had to overcome any adversity or major challenges in your life and what has it taught you? Has it helped with becoming an entrepreneur?
The estate I grew up on was surrounded by gang-related violence and I lost friends because of it. At times it would seem as if some goals weren’t accessible or achievable because of where I came from. Even within my current team at Proptar, people have suffered from that same detrimental lifestyle; however, we tend not to make it our main focus. The saying that ‘you’re shaped by your community’ is somewhat true in term of your perspective but the thought that always resonated with me was that; “You can always choose your own pathway”, hence, the reason why I’m driven, hard working and eager to succeed. More so, the lack of relatable role models I had growing up gave me something to strive for. Many have left their community, become a success and not looked back, to provide a platform for young people looking to follow in their footsteps, I want to be that difference.
Proptar is looking to continuously grow and expand the platform whilst being a major influence within the industry. We also aim to enhance our social impact on a wider scale, having an influence both nationally and eventually, internationally, is one of our main goals as a company; through more creative events, partnerships with major corporate brands, whilst nurturing more talent and creatives from various backgrounds.

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