Evolution of Man Fitness – you don’t realise how good the advice is until you get it!

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Tim Walker, founder of Evolution of Man Fitness has a specific philosophy about getting fit – Eat, Sleep and train like a warrior! Driven by this philosophy since leaving university in 2003 with a sport and exercise degree Tim has continually honed his training methods specifically targeting men who main aim is to get a lean athletic body whilst living and working in the city. So how does it work you are probably wondering?! Tim and his team take on 24 new warriors every year for one to one personal training and over just 12 weeks they will transform their bodies from zero to hero on the warrior workout program often adding over a stone of muscle whilst dropping the same in fat and gaining levels of strength they could never have dreamed of.
At Evolution of Man there is no treadmill, or comfortable looking workout machines, no pec decks or regular cycling machines – this personal training program has nothing whatsoever to do with obeying convention. What you will find is a sprint track armed with Prowler (think rugby scrum machine), a sled to drag, strongman bars, beer kegs to life, tractor tyres to drag, sand bags to lift and sledge hammers to wield. Thats the secret to success – “Great male physiques are made through consistency, clean eating, and exercising that challenges every part of the body in a way that demands that you gain muscle and strip away fat.”
 So Tim has it all sussed out but its been a rollercoaster over the years to get to this point! Tim started out his career working for Virgin Active and other major gyms before taking the plunge and set up his own gym in 2008. Confident in his own philosophy of training, Tim was ready to open the doors on a new kind of exercising. Unfortunately, the first day of the gym opening was the day Lehman Brothers collapsed so the timing was completely wrong and and as  result the gym ended up closing soon after. Tim had to go back to his old employers and seek the day job again, the whole time being careful to protect and build his own client base again. Speaking to us now, Tim said he wished at the time he ‘d had the advice of the Startup Kitchen entrepreneurs at that time. “You don’t realise how good the advice is until you get it – having learned some tough lessons through the years, having successful entrepreneurs give you solid advice and being able to talk through the plans so openly at pivotal times is crucial, especially if you have a major business decision you need to work through – thats why I keep coming back to the Startup Kitchen every year.”
Tim first came to the SUK in 2014 to one of our very  first sessions, by then he had learnt key lessons, rebuilt his business and at a point where he he was able to test his ideas and get the sounding board he needed. He was again looking for a property for his gym, and had one in mind – this time he got the advice her needed and was the right stage to expand the Evolution of Man group. In March this year, Tim took on his new premises for Evolve Fitness Gym in Farringdon – perfect for his main clientele who live in and work in the area.
Business is going from strength to strength and Tim is soon expanding the team to 7 as well as leasing space to other trainers for their own clients. Time to check out the sprint deck and the prowler!

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